A Final Word on Pizza (and You)

This is you:

You live in Dallas Texas. You are the mother of two. Summer is almost over. You are about to send your oldest daughter to first grade. You want to eek the most out of every summer night you have left with her. You are my sister.

Your favorite pizza recipe comes from Boz, the green bear next door. His recipe for Double Peppy Pizza has never failed you. But he is a children’s TV show character, after all, and you think it’s time to try a real recipe. You’ve been making pizza for years; you can handle it. Your daughter’s almost in first grade; she can handle it.

But tonight is meet the teacher night. You’ve measured all the ingredients with a first grader and a toddler. You’ve kneaded the dough. It’s been rising for an hour and now you can’t roll it out. You’re going to have to call Pizza Hut. But you pull yourself together; you stretch the dough out.

The pizza turns out fine. You feel good about sneaking some vegetable toppings in on your toddler. You feel even better about finally meeting the teacher. But next time, you’ll stick with Boz.

To read Boz’s Double Peppy Pizza Recipe and my sister’s own comments, click more.

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