The Winchester (Grand Rapids MI)

I was in Grand Rapids, MI, for a conference, which happens to be in the same area where I went to college and where Glenn grew up. So in addition to learning all sorts of new marketing skills, I also got to spend some time with friends. Glenn’s parents picked me up for dinner and took me to The Winchester.

I never know what to call these places — eclectic? pan-ethnic? fusion? funky? hipster? — but it was a bar and grill with a (mostly) south american twist. Sandwiches came with plantain chips (center) or yuca fries and jalapeno mayo (right). I really have to figure out how to make that jalapeno mayo. I had curried lamb sliders with mint yogurt and tomato. I don’t really know how the deviled eggs fit into the south american thing… I don’t know how they compare to regular deviled eggs because I haven’t had them since deciding they were gross when I was five. These were absolutely not gross.