Back to Basics

After packing up our kitchen in June, driving across five states, spending a four-month stint in my brother’s guest room, jaunting up to Lake Michigan, down to the Atlantic, and back to the Great Plains, our food processor is finally at home in its very own cabinet.

We drove 4,700 miles this summer and ate two dozen meals on the road. All of these burgers and subs and chicken nuggets were contrasted with smoked ribs and boiled shrimp and all the other wonderful things our families made to celebrate our travels. Now that we’re in our own home, we feel full.

It makes sense that, once we were settled in our own kitchen, we would seek inspiration in our vegetable crisper. A stir fry is always an easy way to pull together a meal using the items you have on hand, which is exactly what we did.

While Glenn peeled and minced ginger and julienned carrots and broccoli stems, I whipped up a simple sauce with smashed garlic cloves, soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, and a little beer (just to thin it out). We stir fried the ginger and vegetables in peanut oil, tossed them with the sauce, and dumped them over a little white rice. Voila! A truly home-made meal!

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