Fried Rice (from the Minimalist)

I’ve had some issues with fried rice in the past, so I was thrilled to see Mark Bittman write about it in his recent Minimalist column.  After watching the video, Glenn and I went straight to the store and fried up a batch as soon as we got home. The results were phenomenal. It was not the crunchy, smoky fried rice you get with takeout — it was something completely different.

These are all ingredients that I’ve used in fried rice before, but the difference is in the quantity and preparation. This method uses about four times as much garlic and ginger as I usually do and cooks it for much longer. The essence of those spices is captured in the oil and is eventually infused into the entire dish. The soy sauce and sesame oil offer a salty, earthy contrast to the ginger’s brightness.

The flavor in this dish is so complex and delicate that you’ll feel like you’re in a restaurant.

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