Winter Grilling

Shortly after reading Food Matters and receiving a cast iron, two-burner griddle for Christmas, I was inspired to get back to my dinners of simply prepared vegetables. I know that zucchini and yellow squash and eggplant are out of season. And I know that this pita was made with overly processed flour. And this hummus had a few ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. But all of that is better than eating half a pound of commercially raised beef, right? I think so and I think Bittman would agree.

After a meal, I can almost always say, I can eat better than this. But, as long as I can also say, I ate better than I could have, I’m happy.

So I brushed these squashes with oil, placed them carefully on the hot grill, flipped them onto our plates, drizzled them with balsamic vinegar, and pretended it was July.

2 thoughts on “Winter Grilling

  1. Great post. I completely agree and support your assessment of Bittman’s philosophy. I keep thinking that same thing when we eat his recommended ALTs–clearly avocados will never grow near me naturally and um, January is not tomato season unless you live in a greenhouse, but its better than McDonalds, right? Looking forward to more cooking and blogging!

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