Chicken Salad

I feel constantly guilty about buying my lunch. I live less than two miles from work (don’t get me started on my guilt about driving), so I wake up approximately forty-five minutes before I have to sit down at my desk. I can’t drag myself out of bed fifteen minutes early to slap some meat and cheese between two slices of bread. I can’t even force myself to run home at noon and pop something in the microwave. Unless I have something truly delicious waiting for me in the fridge.

In the summer, I’ll stand in front of the open refrigerator and eat this chicken salad straight out of the bowl. In the winter, it seems a little more hearty to eat it on toasted bread or pita. I recently discovered these little flat sandwich breads. They’re some hybrid of an English muffin, a pita, and a slice of bread. You can probably find them in the bread aisle of your grocery store.

My chicken salad is usually some conglomeration of the random produce I’ve collected over the week. This time it was chicken (duh), red grapes, celery, red onion, and pecans tossed with just the right amount of mayonnaise (add it slowly — you can always put more in, but you can’t take any out). I also like to make it with crisp apples and walnuts (instead of grapes and pecans). No matter how you make it (or serve it), it’s a satisfying lunch.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Salad

  1. Did you grill the bread? Such perfect grill lines! And pecans…I’d never considered that. Don’t know why, I just always grab the walnuts. Sounds like my next chicken salad will be modified. =)

  2. I brushed the bread with oil and toasted it in an iron skillet. I think the pattern you’re referring to is from the dimples that the bread is made with.

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