Hash Browns

Glenn is quickly becoming the master of breakfast. First pancakes, then waffles, now hash browns. If he ever figures out how to fry an over easy egg, I’ll be able to stay in bed.

What made these hash browns so great? Glenn used real potatoes. The real potatoes not only had a better flavor than frozen ones, but they also had a much better texture. Getting your hash browns nice and crispy can be difficult.

When my brother takes a bag of Ore Ida potatoes out of the freezer, he always says, Moisture is the enemy of crispiness. Then he goes through an elaborate process of defrosting the potatoes in the microwave and laying them out to dry on paper towels before frying or baking them. I can agree that the drier the potato, the crispier the hash browns, but I think there’s a simpler way. Just peel a potato, grate it in a food processor, drain it in a salad spinner, and toss it in a pan with some oil.

I wish I were eating these for breakfast right now.

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