Stuffing Success

Now that my Christmas lights are hung and I’m planning the menu for next Saturday’s holiday party, it feels a bit odd to revisit the Stuffing Project. However, with so much time and energy invested in the project, it would be odd not to check in with our nervous cook Claire who inspired the whole thing.

This is the thing that makes me think the whole project was worth it: not only did we help Claire pick a recipe, but we also gave her the know-how to solve any problems that popped up along the way. Loaf too large? Eat some toast and toss in some more vegetables. Top too dry? Bottom too soggy? Stir it up. Claire had solutions that I hadn’t even thought of.

Claire decided to make the Sourdough Stuffing and it was a raging success. Grandpa loved the mushrooms, Aunt Mary thought the sourdough was just tart enough and Grandma said, I hope you know this means that the stuffing is now your job forever.

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