I’m Stuffed

After five straight days of making, eating, and writing about it, I’m stuffed. I’m happy to say that my part is done: the posts are up, the polls are closed, and the pans are clean. All that’s left is for Claire to make her decision. The table below should help a bit with that. We’ll follow up with Claire after Thanksgiving and see how everything went.

Cost* Time My Ranking Popular Ranking**
Sourdough 22.6 2 hours 2 1
Apple Fennel Bacon 27.2 2.5 hours 4 3
Italian Sausage 29.65 1.75 hours 1 1
Bacon Cranberry 23.83 1.25 hours 5 4
Corn Bread 26.76 2 hours 3 5
*This cost includes the cost of an entire package of the ingredient, whether or not the recipe will use the entire package. For example, it includes the cost of an entire pound of butter, even if the recipe only calls for one stick. **Our friends who tasted the stuffings voted and these are the results.

I learned a lot from this project and I won’t have to wait until I host my own Thanksgiving to apply it. Sure I learned how to keep stuffing from getting soggy, but I also learned that you master the art of a single dish by making it over and over again with slight alterations. I learned how important it is to actually read the recipe. I learned that you can rectify most (not all) mistakes if you’re patient. And I learned that your friends will eat almost anything you make, even your mistakes.

One thought on “I’m Stuffed

  1. So the favorite was the Italian Sausage, right? I was confused at first — thinking about more of a star system and couldn’t figure out why the cranberry disaster was beloved. =)

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