Italian Sausage Stuffing

When you try to toast, chop, saute, and mix while on the phone with your sister, you nearly drop your entire pan of stuffing, take a blurry picture, laugh hysterically, and are completely surprised at how well things turn out.

I am really, really surprised at how well this Italian Sausage Stuffing turned out. If I had dropped this stuffing on the floor, I would have scraped it back into the dish and eaten it anyway. I like things best when they taste the way I imagined they would when I read the recipe. This turned out to be exactly the rich, earthy stuffing I had imagined.

I made this stuffing in record time — 1 hour and 45 minutes! I even beat the recipe’s estimated preparation time, which makes me think I skipped a step… Ah, yes. I didn’t chill it and bring it back to room temperature before baking. I just omitted the last 1/4 cup of cream and stuck that baby straight in the oven.

I would do some things a bit differently than the recipe suggested. I recommend using only one pound of sausage — two pounds works if you’re eating it alone, but I think it would overwhelm the Thanksgiving turkey and other sides. Also, I recommend mixing the egg and cream with the bread and waiting until the liquid is absorbed to add the sausage and vegetables to the mixture. That way, you won’t have a thing layer of eggy stuff in the bottom of your pan.

Other than that, I would follow the recipe to a T.

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