The Stuffing Project

I don’t get to cook Thanksgiving dinner. This is due in large part to the fact that my dinner table is in the living room, I don’t own a roasting pan, and I moved 500 miles away from my family. Also, no one would want to eat my Thanksgiving dinner because I would say ix-nay on the green bean asserole-cay. So even though I completely understand why I don’t get to celebrate the cooking holiday in the kitchen, it still kinda bums me out. That’s why I picked up this pre-Thanksgiving project.

My friend Claire has to bring the stuffing to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Claire has a knack for picking the best bar to watch the Bears game, running into famous people, and being part of the latest trend way before it was cool, but she doesn’t really cook. When she asked me what kind of stuffing to make for Thanksgiving, I sent her all the links to recipes I had been drooling over for weeks.

In an effort to convince Claire that even the most amateur chef can concoct these fabulous recipes, I am going to test five of them for her — a different stuffing for each night this week. Her criteria is pretty straightforward, but will require a few adjustments to the recipes.

This is Claire’s stuffing criteria:

  • 12 servings
  • $20 or less
  • No nuts
  • No raisins
  • Few ingredients
  • Simple techniques
  • Relatively traditional

These are the recipes to be tested:

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