Saffron (Greensboro NC)


When we moved to Greensboro, Glenn and I weren’t just on a quest for tacos. We were also looking for falafel, curry, pad kee mao, sushi, bi bim bap, and all sorts of other things to satisfy our cravings. In this case, our search for one led to another. While Taste of Thai was kind of a bust, it did lead us to its neighbor Saffron.

When Glenn and I had dinner at Saffron for the first time, we expected the same cheesy atmosphere as its strip mall neighbor. We were pleasantly surprised to find art deco style tiles, rich and vibrant orange walls, white tablecloths, and candlelight. The service and the food were as upscale as the appearance — and so was the bill.

That’s why I decided to try the lunch buffet during the work week. I invited a foodie friend who, I found out later, doesn’t actually like buffets. Lucky for her (and for all of us), the meat was as tender and the vegetables as crisp as what Glenn and I ordered from the menu for dinner. Saffron may not offer as many dishes as other buffets, but none of their dishes are scummy, wilted, or dry. The buffet usually includes pokora, naan, basmati rice, tandori chicken, about two vegetarian entrees, and about two meat entrees.

Saffron Indian Cuisine is located in Greensboro on Mill Street between Westover Terrace and Battleground Avenue. The atmosphere is casual during the day and romantic at night. They offer a full dinner menu (entrees from $13 to $17) and a lunch buffet ($9).

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