Paprika Roast Chicken with Sweet Onion

DSC0270030 Minute Meals, Fast Easy Fresh, Everyday Quick Kitchen — every magazine has a section of recipes that are supposed to be easy to make after work. The idea that we only have 30 minutes to spend in the kitchen on any given evening seems ridiculous to me — almost as ridiculous as the idea that these recipes will only take 30 minutes to prepare. The recipe’s estimated prep time does not include a trip to the grocery store, deciphering the recipe, interruptions, washing dishes, or the fact that it is being prepared by amateur cooks. It usually takes me at least double the estimated prep time. And that’s fine. Because after a long day of staring into a computer monitor, i need at least an hour of washing, peeling, chopping, cooking.

Of course, I am young and single and I don’t have kids and I get off work at 4:30. So I can hear everyone saying, Just wait until you…, but I hope that if I ever I still spend an hour a day with a cutting board, a gas burner, and a kitchen sink.

All that being said, this really is a fast, easy recipe (as long as you don’t feather the chicken yourself). The most difficult thing about it is keeping the smoke alarm from going off. Seriously, before you put the chicken in the oven, open a window and point a fan at your smoke alarm. And when you open the oven door, step to the side, because your chicken will be spitting delicious grease all over you.

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