Tomatoey Spiced Chickpeas


October is almost over and I’ve almost accepted the fact that tomatoes and okra and corn are gone from the farmers market. As we hunker down with sweet potatoes and apples and canned food, I wanted to introduce you all to this recipe. For some reason, I feel the need to sell you all on it, so here are reasons you should make and love this meal:

  1. It’s inexpensive — six generous servings for about $10. (Assuming you already have a fully stocked spice cabinet.)
  2. It’s just as delicious reheated as it fresh off the stove, which is good since it makes six generous servings.
  3. It’s so easy. How long does it take to prepare? Well, how long does it take you to open three tin cans?
  4. It’s healthy — all that fiber and protein — yum! (It probably needs some vegetables on the side to be a well balanced meal, but no recipe is perfect.)

Have I convinced you? Will you make it? Please?

2 thoughts on “Tomatoey Spiced Chickpeas

  1. Silly question…is this the one I already made? I think so, and it got rave reviews around here. Even from Jeff who is a confirmed tomato hater.

  2. This sounds like a perfect ‘I forgot to go to the grocery, but have all of these things already at the house’ kind of recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

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