Carmelized Chipotle Chicken


Well, my subscription to Gourmet expired last month, but I’m not too sad about that. Of course, Gourmet won’t publish any new issues after this month, but I’m not too sad about that either. When I opened my first issue (I received a free subscription with an excessive purchase from Sur La Table), I couldn’t find the recipes. I finally found them in the back, buried under travel articles, restaurant reviews, product endorsements, and ads that I could barely discern from the content. Once I found the recipes, I saw that they contained long lists of ingredients that weren’t readily available in my grocery store and employed techniques that I had never heard of. While the magazine acknowledged the rare ingredients with suggestions on how to order them, it never suggested substitutions. Fortunately, I am very smart and figured out the substitutions and techniques on my own (thank you, Joy of Cooking, for including special appendices on these topics). Things improved a bit after Gourmet redesigned several months ago, but they never found a way to appeal to the everyday 30-minute meal types or the locavore organic foodie types.

I shouldn’t complain too much because I’ve made, enjoyed, and recommended plenty of recipes from the magazine over the last year. I still have three issues sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be dogeared and coffee-ringed. And from one of those issues, I bring you Carmelized Chipotle Chicken.

Gourmet wrote, “There’s enough chipotle here to make your lips hum, but not so much as to overshadow the balancing act created by the other ingredients — toasty garlic, onions, and ketchup, plus a kiss of brown sugar and cinnamon.” The final result did not disappoint. The glaze was a little difficult to spread, so next time I won’t thicken it so much and I might puree it. Other than that, do exactly what they tell you to do. (I didn’t make two whole chickens, of course, but just did four drumsticks.)

One thought on “Carmelized Chipotle Chicken

  1. Do you have an immersion blender? Do you wish you did? I can’t decide if that’s a tool I would find useful enough to justify its space in the kitchen.

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