Giacomo’s Italian Market (Greensboro NC)



Until last weekend, Giacomo’s was a mystery to us  — a deli our friends talked about, but we couldn’t find. It’s at the corner of Battleground and New Garden, they told us. Well, not exactly. You actually have to turn onto New Garden and Giacomo’s is on the right in the strip next to the gas station. You can’t see it from the road.

Getting there is half the battle. The other half is deciding what to order. Glenn had the Italian Stallion (top) and I had the Sausage and Peppers (bottom). I love that picture of Glenn’s sandwich because it looks like the check-out-this-fish-I-just-caught picture, which is kind of what holding these sandwiches felt like.

Giacomo’s Italian Market is located on New Garden Road near the Brassfield Shopping Center. It is an Italian market that sells subs, heroes, cheese, meats, sausages, homemade sauces, and more. Sandwiches are about $7 each and meat ranges from $6 to $15 per pound. They have limited seating for eating in.

One thought on “Giacomo’s Italian Market (Greensboro NC)

  1. I had the opportunity to eat at Vivace this past weekend and must say I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the meal and dining experience as a whole. The food was outstanding and well presented, and most importantly the service was excellent. If you want to eat authentic Italian food, Vivace is the perfect place. Also, their gluten-free menu is superb!

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