Taste of Thai (Greensboro NC)

We were trying to go to Bangkok Cafe (well, we were trying to go to Vintage 301 or Rim, but they are both closed on Mondays), but we walked in and the family who owns the restaurant were all eating dinner together. As it turns out, they’re closed on Mondays, too. By then I had my heart set on Thai, so we went to Taste of Thai.


Lesson number one in ordering off a menu: pay attention to the specials. Even at a place like Taste of Thai where the specials are also listed in the regular menu, there’s a reason the restaurant wants to highlight them. These Healthy Wraps were a DIY appetizer that came with a lesson from the owner. Basically, cabbage plus peanuts plus coconut plus lime plus ginger plus onion plus sweet and sour equals delicious and not going to ruin your appetite.

keemaoLesson number two in ordering off a menu: always read the description closely so that you can find it on other menus under a different name. This is the Kee Mao (aka drunken noodles), which is a noodle dish stir fried with basil, carrots, onion, broccoli, and maybe some other stuff. This is my favorite Thai dish ever. Glenn ordered it.

padthaiLesson number three in ordering off a menu: just because someone else ordered what you wanted doesn’t mean you can’t order it too. I ordered Pad Thai so that Glenn and I wouldn’t have the same thing. That’s just ridiculous. This was good, but nothing to write home about.

coconutcustardNo lesson on desert because I didn’t actually order this. They just brought us coconut custard. You can’t argue with that.

Taste of Thai is located on Mill Street Between Battleground Avenue and Westover Terrace. It’s an average Thai restaurant (variety of noodles and curries) with average prices (under $10 per entre). The atmosphere is nice (tablecloths and flowers), if a little weird (a bridge goes through the middle of the dining area). It is better than Thai Garden, but not as good as Bangkok Cafe.

One thought on “Taste of Thai (Greensboro NC)

  1. This is great advice! Also, I always get the house salad dressing, even if I don’t know what it is. My thinking is like your thinking on specials. There’s a reason.

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