Green Valley Grill (Greensboro NC)

Glenn and I have eaten the guest breakfast at the O.Henry hotel (we weren’t guests, his parents were, don’t tell) and it was the best free breakfast buffet I have ever seen. Scrambled eggs, grits, hash browns, bacon, sausage links and patties… We figured the Green Valley Grill brunch had to be at least as good (and it was, but it certainly was not as free) so we went with some friends before seeing Julie & Julia. Fancy brunch, matinee, we were like old people.


I had the quiche (above), which I didn’t realize would come as an individual little pie. It was filled with corn, tomatoes, cheese, and spinach. The corn kernels had just been cut from the cob and were still connected. Yum.


Anna had the grape leaf wrapped salmon.


Andrew had the duck (above). I was not aware that duck was cooked to order. I sort of wanted to try it, but had already bossed Andrew out of getting the quiche, so I was trying to keep my fork to myself.

Salmon Cakes

Glenn had the salmon cakes with poached eggs (above, of course). I had never had a poached egg or holandaise before — they didn’t taste as slimy as they look. I wasn’t expecting the salmon cakes to be deep fried and I would have preffered them panfried, which is odd considering I generally go down the menu and pick things i believe will be deep fried. Good thing it was Glenn’s breakfast and not mine.

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