Fried Cheerios

Fried Cheerios

When most people hear about fried Cheerios, they say it’s gross and that they won’t eat it. Don’t be one of those people; they always change their minds. It’s not gross and you will eat it and you will love it.

There is no recipe for fried Cheerios, so every batch is different. Here’s the gist of it: in a large frying pan, melt butter or margarine (1 stick), add worcestershire sauce (4Tb) and Lawry’s seasoned salt (2 tsp), add Cheerios (4-5 cups), stir until combined. I’ve never had fried Cheerios with too much worcestershire, but too much Lawry’s make them inedible. I use the big spoon that I stir with to measure the worcestershire and then sprinkle the Lawry’s to barely cover the surface of the liquid. Before you add the Cheerios, make sure your butter is nice and hot. As my brother Brian says, they don’t call them fried Cheerios for no reason. It’s a good idea to have one person pour in the Cheerios while the other person stirs, otherwise they get soggy. The amount of Cheerios is really the hardest part — too many and you’re eating dried cereal, too few and you’re eating a stick of butter.


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