Old Town Draught House (Greensboro NC)

Old Town

For some reason, I really like Old Town. Maybe it’s because I was never a student at UNCG, so it wasn’t the automatic pre- or post-anything meeting spot. Maybe it’s because I had my first Natty Greene’s beer there. Maybe it’s because people tend to put soul and pop on the juke box instead of metal. Maybe it’s because I actually find the chirping of the traffic light soothing. In any case, it is my preferred neighborhood restaurant.

Old Town is located on Spring Garden on the UNCG campus. Old Town is a bar and grill with a decent menu and a decent beer selection. They always have a $2 beer special and I always order the veggie pita.

2 thoughts on “Old Town Draught House (Greensboro NC)

    • I forgot to mention that it is dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve tried to replicate it at home with no success.

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