A Dish to Pass

A Dish to Pass

Sad occasions (like Jamey’s moving to Vermont party) are made happier with lots of food and drink. For this party, Glenn and I were able to actually combine our food and drink in vodka-spiked cherry tomatoes. They’re a slightly more sophisticated (and more tastey) take on the vodka-spiked watermellon. Before I let anyone eat them, I had to photograph them, which was great promotion for the blog, but then everyone wanted their food photographed, too. Here they are (clockwise):

  • vodka-spiked tomatoes (me and Glenn)
  • spinach dip with Jimmy John’s fifty-cent yesterday’s bread (Chris Dickens)
  • pasta salad (Lauren)
  • garden tomato and mozzarella salad (Chris Tobin)
  • Maxim’s vintage mac & cheese (Andrew and Anna)
  • tofu and beef hot dogs (where did these come from?)
  • Georgia peach and pecan pie (Ansel and Revel) and apple pie (Chris Tobin and her mom)
  • brownies (Jamey — she swears that peanut oil is the secret ingredient) and fruit (again, this seemed to appear out of nowhere)

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