Gratefulfest Pitas

Audrey Eating Pita

Glenn Eating a Pita

Before Glenn and I moved to Greensboro, we came down to look for apartments. On our way back to Chicago, we drove through Ohio to see Glenn’s brother’s band play at a festival. It was a disaster. We got lost on the way and missed the band’s set. When we tried to leave the festival, the breaks went out in the van, we wound up spending the night in a motel, having the van towed 50 miles to the only break shop open on a Sunday… It was a disaster. However, we had these pitas stuffed with spinach, shitake mushrooms, craisins, blue cheese, and poppy seed dressing. They were amazing. Now we refer to any sweet and savory salad in a pita as a “Greatfulfest Pita.”

You know what these pictures are? This is me eating a stuffed pita without the pita breaking in half. Drizzle your pita with olive oil, toast in a skillet, then repeat on the other side. This seems to solve the problem of the broken pita. Thanks, Julie, for the suggestion.

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