Julie’s Simple Shrimp and Pasta

Shrimp and Pasta

It always takes my family about thirty minutes to wind down a phone conversation. My sister Julie and I were winding down last night before dinner. What are you making? I didn’t know. Something with shrimp so that it wouldn’t go bad. Saute it, she said, with some pasta. Yeah. Whatever. Gotta go. I’m telling you, she said, saute your garlic in your oil, toss in your shrimp, and let it cool awhile before you mix in the pasta. Then some sea salt and lemon juice. I’m telling you. Okay. Yes. Garlic and oil. Got it.

I was being a food snob, but I really didn’t have any better ideas, so I tried it. 2Tb butter and 2 Tb olive oil, 8 smashed cloves of garlic, 12 peeled shrimp, fresh basil, kosher salt (the food snob doesn’t have sea salt), and fresh lemon juice over angel hair pasta. It turned out looking and tasting like a restaraunt.

One thought on “Julie’s Simple Shrimp and Pasta

  1. So, I don’t have sea salt, either, but I decided to try this one, and it was delicious! I threw in some mushrooms I had in my fridge, as well as a few cherry tomatoes. I’m having the leftovers today for lunch. Mmm.

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